Other nearby Hotels

There are also several hotels within less than 1 to 2.5 km from National Cheng Kung University. Taxi is recommended as a mean of transportation. The fee varies from less than NT$100 to NT$150.


Hotel to International Conference Hall Distance

高玉商務飯店 Takatama Hotel  (Tel :886-6-2201006)

1.3 km

鐵道大飯店 Tie Duo Hotel

1.3 km

台南大飯店 Tainan Hotel

1.3 km

新朝代飯店 Dynasty Hotel

1.6 km

佳佳小南天旅店 JJ-S Hotel

1.6 km

首相大飯店 Premier Hotel

1.8 km

劍橋旅館集團 Cambridge Tainan Hotel

1.8 km

富朗飯店 Rich Hotel

1.9 km

天下大飯店 La Plaza Hotel

2.1 km

富信大飯店 Fushin Hotel

2.4 km

驛家旅店 Easy Inn International Hotel

2.5 km